1. Logging can be enabled by administrators to check for abuse. These logs will be handled with discretion.

2. Abuse (spam, evading, impersonating, etc.) of this service is not allowed. If you've been caught doing this, your account can/will be removed.

3. Staff can always disable/remove an account at will if they see reason to do so.

4. Only IPv6 servers are allowed on free accounts. IPv4 servers can only be connected to with a premium account.

5. You are only allowed to have one account. If you are caught having multiple, they will all be removed. Multiple networks can be added to a single account.

6. You are the only one that is responsible for your account.

7. Sharing an account is not allowed.

8. Don't be an ass, don't be rude, don't harass, etc. etc.

9. The owner of this service is always right and can do with it as he pleases.

10. If your account has not logged on to within 3 days after creation, it will be removed again.

11. Additionally, if you don't log in for 14+ days, your account will be deleted for inactivity.

12. If your account gets removed for inactivity, you can send an email to have it activated again.

13. A valid email address is required. If an invalid/inactive email address is detected, the account will be rejected/cancelled.

14. Rules can always be changed.

LunarBNC staff will never ask for passwords or login data.

If someone asks for this, please send an email to immediately!