Do you provide custom vHost/rDNS?

Yes, we do! Please check out the vhost page.

I forgot my password!

Please send an email to request@lunarbnc.net and ask for a password reset, or provide a password you want to be set.
Make sure to provide your username and send the email from the account that you registered with to verify that you are the owner.

My network requires me to use SASL! Is this possible with LunarBNC?

This surely is possible! When you are connected to LunarBNC type the following commands:
/znc loadmod sasl
/znc *sasl mechanism plain
/znc *sasl set YourNickServName YourNickServPassword

My IRC Client shows invalid password!

Make sure to enter the correct password in the format of: <username>/<network>:<password> All parts of this format are case-sensitive!

My IRC Client gives me the following error: * [10053] Software caused connection abort

This most likely means you are connecting without SSL to a port that only accepts SSL connections.
Please make sure to connect with SSL (Tick the SSL box, or add a plus sign in front of the port for a lot of IRC clients).

My IRC Client gives me the following error: Connection timeout

This most likely means you are connecting on a port that is not in use on LunarBNC.
Some clients by default try to connect to port 6667, but LunarBNC does not use this port.

I want to change my nick/altnick/ident/realname

Please login on https://lunarbnc.net with your username and password and go to YourSettings in the navigation sidebar.
Here you can change several things regarding to your account.