2021-08-11 - LunarIRC added as default network

All users have LunarIRC added (or soon to have) to their accounts (mainly for news updates etc), this network can not be removed, but you are not required to connect to it either.

You can connect to it using the regular hostname/port and the connection string [yourAccount]/lunarirc:[yourPassword].

2021-07-17 - Server has been migrated to a new host (again)

LunarBNC has been migrated to a new host (again)

2021-07-17 - Server migration to new host Finished

On Saturday the 17th of July LunarBNC service will be migrated (again) to a different host.

Migration will start at 11:00 CET

2021-06-13 - Server has been migrated to a new host

LunarBNC has been migrated to a new host, which hopefully will mitigate DDoS attacks better

This however also means that IPv4 connectivity for premium accounts is no longer possible either.

2021-06-12 - Server migration to new host (finished!)

In the upcoming days the LunarBNC service will be migrated to a different host.

When exactly this will happen is not yet sure, but hopefully this weekend.

More info will be updated here and broadcast on IRC

Update: Migration will be done on Sunday at noon CET

Update: Migration has finished without issues (as far as I know so far)

2021-06-07 - All subscriptions have been paused

All subscriptions that were currently running have been paused.

This is due to the fact that I'll be phasing out the use of any IPv4 addresses and existing vhosts.

IPv4 will remain available until the subscription should have officially ended.

Inactivity benefits will remain without expiration though.

2021-06-05 - Planned maintenance (finished)

On June 6th 12:00 (noon) (GMT+1) some maintenance will be done. This involves temporarily shutting down LunarBNC.

This will most likely take at most an hour, if no unforeseen issues arise

Maintenance is finished and has taken about 20 minutes

2021-05-17 - Registrations have been closed

As of today, registration for new accounts have been closed.

Service will continue as usual, however if an account expires, it will no longer be re-activated either.

2020-08-21 - New website

The website has been updated with a new look and more parts have been translated.

(A lot with Google Translate, so if you see anything that isn't correct, please let me know!)

If something doesn't work, please let me know!

2020-07-24 - Planned migration and maintenance (Finished)

The migration and maintenance have successfully completed within 3 hours!

We have also updated ZNC officially to 1.8.1 (security fixes were already compiled in the previous 1.8.0 that we were running though)