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2020-08-24 - DDoS attacks

Sadly we are currently facing a lot of DDoS attacks, we do not know by who, or why.

You can and most likely will, face several disconnects when the actual attacks are happening.

2020-08-21 - New website

The website has been updated with a new look and more parts have been translated.

(A lot with Google Translate, so if you see anything that isn't correct, please let me know!)

If something doesn't work, please let me know!

2020-07-24 - Planned migration and maintenance (Finished)

The migration and maintenance have successfully completed within 3 hours!

We have also updated ZNC officially to 1.8.1 (security fixes were already compiled in the previous 1.8.0 that we were running though)

2020-07-24 - Planned migration and maintenance

LunarBNC will be migrating to a new physical host with:

- A faster CPU

- Faster/more RAM

- Faster (NVMe) storage

This will require some downtime though, which will be planned on Friday 24th of July around 10:00 AM

If everything goes as planned it should take up to 4 hours (hopefully a lot less, but one can never be sure)

2020-05-28 - Planned maintenance and port changes (Finished)

The update of May the 28th was finished without issues at around 11:15AM (CET)!

- ZNC was updated to the latest version.

- A lot of users have been migrated to other instances!

Please login and then go to How to connect to find out which is the correct port for you now

- Non-SSL connections will no longer be supported. Update your client if it does not support SSL

2020-05-28 - Planned maintenance and port changes

The 28th of May at 10:00AM (CET) there will be a planned maintenance!

- ZNC will be updated to the last version

- Half of the users will be migrated to a different instance, this will mean they will need to connect to a different port instead of port 8080 (SSL)

This information will be on the "How to connect" page after you login, after the maintenance

* This decission was made for stability reasons, we hope this will increase stability of the service in general

- Non-SSL connections will no longer be supported. Update your client if it does not support SSL

2020-05-15 - Multiple instances

As of today, LunarBNC uses multiple instances to host the users!

This means that new users will be created on a different instance and in that way balancing the users over multiple instances

In time, the amount of users on the first instance will become lower as well, which should make it more stable

This also allows for users to premium users to change to an instance that does not show the ads. (requires re-creating a ZNC user though!)

2020-04-07 - IPv4 is now available (paid)

As of today, IPv4 will be available!

However, this will be a paid service at €2,5/month

This is because the same principal applies that each user gets their own IP address.

2020-04-03 - Planned maintenance (finished)

Around 1PM UTC there will be a maintenance of LunarBNC.

This will probably take about an hour.

Update: Maintenance finished around 1:30PM without any issues.

2020-03-27 - DDoS attacks

Currently we are facing several DDoS attacks a day.

Most connections will stay connected without problem, however, new connections might take a lot longer to come through.