All LunarBNC connections will be IPv6 with the subnet 2001:470:7857::/48.
IPv4 is not used by clients (only by admins, in case IPv6 is not available).

If you want to ban or g-line a LunarBNC user, you can do that in the form of *!*@host
LunarBNC does not answer to identd requests, because users can be identified by their host.
Users are also able to change their own identd, which is another reason to ban by *!*@host.

User IDs can be found if you look at the IP address they connect with, this will be 2001:470:7857:UserID::f.
Users can not change their ID or their bindhost. The IP is unique per account and can not be used by other users.

By default the PTR/rDNS of the user is username.powered.by.lunarbnc.net.
However, LunarBNC allows the use of vhosts if the user has donated. (More on this on the vHost page)
The same IP will still be used regardless of the vhost though.

Any form of abuse can be reported by sending an email to abuse@lunarbnc.net, or you can report it on irc.lunarirc.net on channel #LunarBNC