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Latest news:

Around 10:00 (GMT+2) there will be a planned maintenance (mainly updates/upgrades).

The maintenance will take between 0.5/2 hours.

Maintenance took a total of 30 minutes and finished without issues.

LunarBNC is now running ZNC 1.7.3.

Around 9AM GMT and 11AM GMT LunarBNC was down for a short while due to a DDOS attack. (Which lasted both about 5 minutes)

Details of the first DDOS can be found here.

Currently available:
username.powered.by.lunarbnc.net (default)

Look at the vhost page for more information!

LunarBNC has decided to move its server to Germany to a host with more resources and possibilities.

This means that the hostname which has to be connected to has also changed. An e-mail is sent to all the users about this change.